Kids should be free to enjoy being kids.

However, 51% of our elementary and middle school students in Northern Arizona rely on free or reduced meal plans in order to get food at school - and about 1,500 of those students don't get to eat at home because their families cannot afford food.

Instead of enjoying their weekends and holidays, these kids know that when school ends, so do their meals. With inadequate nutrition, their school work suffers and their bodies lack the nutrition needed for them to grow properly and enjoy childhood.

That's where Feeding Northern Arizona's Future comes in.

Kids who participate in programs such as ours have an increase in math test scores by 23%, reading test scores by 30% and absenteeism and behavioral issues decrease by 40%. Just by giving them the food they need, we can make a difference for these kids- our future. The process is simple:

FNAZF volunteers gather food donated and purchased food from our sponsors and community members, bag it up and store it until it's time for delivery.

Before the weekends and holidays, FNAZF volunteers deliver the bags to the schools and works with the school administrators to distribute them to the kids identified as chronically hungry.

The kids take the food home so they have something to eat until school is back in session.  So that upon their return so they can focus on learning ... and being kids.

Feeding Northern Arizona's Future

is a volunteer-driven organization with 501(c)(3) approval. Which means...we need you! There are lots of opportunities for people who want to volunteer as well as people

who want to help fund our efforts - who can be assured that everything they give goes straight to feeding these kids.

We need volunteers to help pick up food, pack bags, and take them to the schools. Typically these deliveries are made on Thursdays so the schools can distribute the food on Friday, but donations come in throughout the week and so we can use help at all times.

We work hard to keep the cost of these food bags as low as possible. But it takes $200 per student per school year to send them home with one of our food bags each weekend (which contains several meals and a few snacks). You can help us cover our costs for the food we need beyond what is donated.